Sunday, March 10, 2013

Writers Retreat With Friends Pat Weaver and Irene Latham

Our writing retreat was a great success. We woke up to a beautiful view of the sun rising over Weeks Bay close to Fairhope, AL.

We enjoyed each others company and did some site seeing in downtown Fairhope. We visited the library, the museum and the Page and Pallet Book Store.
We visited with Irene's relatives and got the inside scoop of the early settlers.

Of course no trip to the museum that had a jail would be complete without Pat behind bars.
It was interesting to find out that the jail which had two cells had come from the brig of a ship. Each cell held 4 beds! Talk about being claustrophobic!

We had good food thanks to our great cooks, Pat and Irene. Then I treated them to some "Ugly Biscuits" from the Biscuit King that are out of this world. The citizens of Fairhope were very friendly and when two passersby were walking towards us, we asked if they would take our picture. The azaleas were blooming everywhere.