Thursday, January 16, 2014

THE GREAT BRAIN by John Dennis Fitzgerald

This is an Oldie but goodie! It was published by Dial in 1967, illustrated by Mercer Mayor. 175 pages. ISBN: 0803730748
This is the story of three brothers growing up in Adenville, Utah among the Mormon's and other religious groups.
John's older brother had "The Great Brain" that can figure anything out. He is also a mastermind of making money.
This is also historical fiction set in the turn of the century.
John is the youngest of the three. The stories he tells are timeless.

If you are able to find this book, it will be worth the search!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

ICL Santa Holiday Contest

ICL had a holiday contest and the deadline was January 1, 2014.
I'm proud to say I got an honorable mention! Here are the winners and their titles. You can view their stores on facebook.

Congratulations to all!

For our holiday contest, we congratulate our top three finalists: Winner “Gotcha Santa,” by Myra G. Steffen; “Let It Ring, Dear,” by Mary Barker; and “Christmas Day 5K,” by Charlene Profiri. Honorable Mentions to Joy Bachman Cook, Barbara Sturgill Charles, Marianne Gage, Steve Moran, Sheila Renfro, and Linda Schueler who were in our top ten. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Santa Fleeing
By Sheila Renfro

“Santa! Where are you going?” The doctor asked, running after him.
“I don’t want a flu shot,” Santa said, sprinting for the sleigh.
“But it’s good for you. It will keep you from getting sick,” said the doctor.

“I’ll get him,” Rudolph said blocking Santa’s path.
“Hold him!” Mrs. Claus called as she ran to Santa’s side and took the bag of toys from him. “You’re not setting a very good example for all the boys and girls,” she scolded.
Santa hung his head.
Mrs. Claus hugged him. “Now roll up your sleeve. If you’re good I’ll fix you a thermos of your favorite hot peppermint chocolate.”
“Oh all right,” Santa rolled up his sleeve and Mrs. Claus pinched his nose while the doctor gave him his flu shot.
Santa looked around, “I didn’t feel a thing.”
Rudolph rolled his eyes. “He says that every year."

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review of The London Eye Mystery

The London Eye Mystery
by Siobhan Dowd

The hurricane (Aunt Glo) is nothing compared to the tidal wave of emotion of cousin Salim's disappearance.

Ted and Kat's aunt and cousin come for a visit before moving to New York.

Ted has a disability which turns out to be an extraordinary ability and to help solve the mystery.

I like this story for several reasons:

1. It shows realistic family relationships.
2. Let's the reader solve mystery.
3.Shows a disability in a good way.
4. Brother and sister working together.
5. Learn a lot about the weather and how it relates to other things in life.
6. Good detecting.
7. How to read body language.
8. Twists and turns as theories are disproved.

I give this a book a five out of five. It keeps the reader engaged.