Sunday, November 11, 2018

2018 Siesta Key Crystal Classic

2018 Siesta Key Crystal Classic
International Sand Sculpting Festival

There were 8 teams of 2 and 8 solo sculptors.

I was able to meet Peter Vogelaar (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) and Delayne Corbett (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) and take a picture of them with their work of art.

There were also sculptures of BOOKS!
Here is Alice in Wonderland.

I like what Delayne said about his ability to sculpt. He had mentors that encouraged him and he honed his skills by attending workshops  and participating in competitions.

Writers are not that much different. We too must "hone" our craft and there are many workshops we can attend either in person or online and also many contests!
What are you doing to hone your craft?