Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy National Lab week

Many of you may not know that April 18-24, 2010 is National Lab week.
There are a variety of jobs to be had in the lab. Here are the one that I can think of:
MLT- Medical Laboratory Technician- takes a two year course at an accredited college and studies courses specific to the lab along with some basics courses like Math, English and History .

MT- Medical Technologist: four year program that studies in more detail Chemistry and Biology along with the basics and includes management.

Phlebotomist: fancy name for the person who collects blood. They are trained in anatomy of veins and reactions a person may from drawing blood like fainting. Also has to deal with difficult patients and children.



LIS- Lab Information System- this person takes care of the Information system for the lab, making sure all these new tests inputted into computer along with billing codes and test codes.

Laboratory Director- is usually an MT
Medical Director- Pathologist: Doctor who has studied disease and helps other doctors in diagnosing patients.

Histologist-prepares tissue samples for pathologist
Cytologist: reviews slides at cell level

Lab Personal must: MLT, MT, HT and others must be certified, some states requires a state license.

We are tested throughout the year to maintain competency and proficiency in our ever changing fields.
If you know someone that works in a medical laboratory wish them a Happy Week. They work hard to make sure you get the right diagnosis.