Sunday, August 15, 2010

Institute of Children's Literature #4

Lesson 4
Starts Part Two:
Taking a New Perspective.
I have received more books!
a market directory-Magazine Markets for Children Writers,and two textbooks:
Searching: A research Guide for Writers and
Essentials of English

Assignment 4 Is to write 500-1000 words of a nonfiction article. It can be on any topic.
This lesson focuses on the nonfiction and can be a How- To article, or science or history. The lesson leads you through the process of selecting your topic, researching it and narrowing the focus down.

I was doing some research for a speech for my son when I came across the name of a woman, Mary Edwards Walker. She is the only woman to have received the Medal of Honor. This intrigued me and I had to find out more about her.

When this lesson came along I had already done quite a bit of research on her and the times she lived. This lesson really helped me put together what I felt was a good article. The response from my instructor was also very encouraging.

I am still struggling with the research part though. I found lots of information on her, but they are primary sources. so if you write nonfiction and know the ropes of how to access primary sources, please leave comments.

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you'll get it ... I have faith in you