Sunday, February 19, 2012

Seeing faces and new places

Ken and I are enjoying finding our way around Ocala and the surrounding area. This weekend there was a cattle drive though the middle of town. We found out that this used to be the norm here. We always enjoy going to the farmer's market and getting fresh fruits and vegetable and shrimp! I have found a vendor that makes the best pear jam. It reminds me of my great-aunt Mittie Lee's jam. I used to spend Friday night with her and in the morning we would eat bisquits and pear preserves for breakfast.

Later Saturday afternoon we went to Lake Weir and ate at Gator Joe's where this humongous alligator used to live until someone finally killed it.

It was also in the vicinity of Ma Barker and her gang. I just love finding bits of history and got to there some loot still around? A treasure story? Maybe.

I guess the point is there is always something interesting going on somewhere that can inspire you to write.

Oh and we did call some friends to let them know that the weather is fine and come down for a visit when you get tired of that cold weather.

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StableGranny said...

I'm glad you're like your new digs. As far as coming for a visit... with gas jumping up every day, I'm going to be lucky to make it to Florence
Miss you