Saturday, December 26, 2009

The best Christmas gift I received this year- the gift of time.

Christmas came like a tidal wave rising higher and coming faster than I could outrun. There were gifts to buy and wrap and the house to decorate. Christmas cards got mailed the Monday before Christmas, so if you didn't get your's June it's on its way. We always spend Christmas at mother's and this year was another good year. We ate and talked and played Dirty Santa. Butch and Jane were there and Rosie and Dallas, their son Mithchell , his wife, Doris and two beautiful daughters.Carey and her new baby girl, Carsen; Whitney, her husband Josh, Crissy and Arron; Jessie and Jeremy. What a houseful! Larry took pictures of all of us but I forgot to take any until it was time to go. So here is the annual family picture without Dad and June. We miss you sis and hope to see you soon! We lost Dad year before last.
Front row: Angie, me, Glenda and Larry. Back Row: Sherry and mom.
The week before Christmas I spent the night with mom and we had such a wonderful time. We watched "White Christmas" until we couldn't hold our eyes open any longer. The next morning after breakfast, we finished watching it and read her bible. Mom reads a chapter from the New Testament and one from ther old everyday. Afterwards we talked about Dad and Uncle Ellis, her older brother. She told me how Uncle Ellis introduced them and what great friends they were. I like how she put it,"Uncle Ellis thought your dad could do anything and your dad always tried to do whatever Uncle Ellis asked him."
My Uncle Ellis was a tall man and dad was short and wiry. I remember growing up I thought my dad could do anything. I remembered having a recurring nightmare where a monster was chasing me around the house. I remember thinking even in my dream that daddy was here and he would get the monster. Then I would have no trouble sleeping. Mother told how one time when they were living up North that Uncle Ellis was working at night and it was time for him to come home but his car wouldn't start and a blizzard had come. He called dad to come get him. Mom said that a neighbor went with dad and they had to dig snow out from the road to get to him. When they finally arrived, Uncle Ellis told them he sure was glad they were able to make it because some of the men were talking about him , threatening him, and he was afraid of what they might do to him.

Dad used to tell me stories of him growing up but I didn't write them down. So I came prepared this time and wrote it all down. Mom also shared another nugget of gold with me. My grandfather Sid died before I was born so I didn't know him at all. She told me he was a real good man. He told mother she was the daughter he never had (Dad had three brothers). Mother also told me that he used to sing in a quartet. My Uncle Louis could sing and play the guitar and his son, and grandson too. Alas, I didn't inherit any singing abilities, I can't even keep time. Then two ladies from church visited and got visit with more old friends.
Eddie and Missy spent time with us Christmas Eve and that was another cherished moment. Eddie has been working out of town for months so it was good to have him home again. My firend, Paula and Ken's friend Steve also came and had lunch with us.

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