Saturday, December 5, 2009

happy birthday back at you, honey.

My husband's birthday is Tuesday and I'm tempted to get him something really mean as pay back for what he got me.

After working all day and night and getting home at about 12 am on my birthday, my husband comes home from work and makes us both an appointment to get our eyes checked. I knew he needed glasses because he kept buying those reading glasses at the dollar store until they finally didn't help anymore. But me need glasses? No way.
Well sorry to say it is yes way. So we go togther to pick them out and really I have no idea what to pick. I mean this is going to be a part of my wardrobe for a very long time and I don't want it to be out dated by next week.
I get a clerk to help me pick out what looks good on a square, slightly rectangular block and go from there. It will take a week before they will be ready.
To be honest my eyes were hurting from looking at a computer all day so I could hardly wait to get them. Thinking that the glasses would take care of everything, but they didn't I still can't see. Oh well. Anyway that is what I got for my birthday. Now for his, I looked at an electric razor because he does like to trim his own hair. This one has attachments to trim his ears and nose. Tempting but would he really like it? Did I really like my glasses? NO!
But still I don't give in. Then I remember he did take me out to a nice restruant afterwards so maybe it wasn't all bad. Hmm, he did mention a cushion for his back ...

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