Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a wonderful day! My husband got me just what I wanted for Valentine's Day. I wanted him to go to church with me this morning and he did. We were like all the other old married couples there and I loved it. Everyone was so glad to see him. I wish he would come more often. Maybe one day.

I had a good weekend with mother too. I read up on my writing craft and started plotting my middle grade novel (again). I guess I will continue until I finally get it right. Then yesterday I got my Institute for Children's Writer's assignment four back and got some really good feedback. My instructor, Michael Cooper helped me to distill my subject down even further until it is finely polished manuscript, or will be after the revisions.
I'm glad too because I am really passionate about this subject and would like for it to be a magazine article. I felt like I was trying to put everything I learned about my subject in it and it showed. Now I have a more focused article.

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StableGranny said...

did the roof not fall in??

You go girl on that Mary Walker manusacript