Saturday, November 2, 2013

Charleston South Carolina Aquarium

Charleston, South Carolina Aquarium
Divers at the aquarium swim with the sharks and turtles and various other sea creatures.
While everyone was looking at the group photo I noticed this single diver with a message on her  pumpkin. Pumpkins were carved while under water.

We also got to see a barn owl and learn about it. There was even an eagle that had been hurt and couldn't go back into the wild.

 We had such a fabulous trip. We went to the 4D movie and watched Sea Monsters and saw what was discovered in Kansas. We followed the life phase of a mammal similar to a dolphin complete with being sprayed water and poked in the back by sea creatures.

If you are ever near Charleston, check it out.

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StableGranny said...

have you read that book... don't tell me about the movie because I've not seen it... I lost my movie partner when she moved to Florida