Sunday, November 17, 2013


I have successfully completed the second week of National Novel Writing Month.
I have completed 30,506 towards my finished novel.
This is the farthest I have ever come to completing a novel.

Some of the things I have learned:

1.   I can get up early  in the morning and write, and stop on time to go to work.

2.   My muse will work on demand, if I just tell  it to write something, anything, to
      get the juices flowing.

3.   My story flows better if I write everyday, even if its only a few hundred words.

4.   I'm more alert to my surroundings, always looking for characters in the people I  

5.   I don't need to be afraid to add descriptions.

6.   I'm learning how to weave subplots by sheer necessity.

7.   I've also learned to confide in my husband about what I'm writing or what  
      my writing goals are and he keeps me accountable.

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StableGranny said...

Really hope you reach your goal proud of you