Monday, December 2, 2013



I finished the NaNoWriMo on Thanksgiving day with 50,536 words for my rough draft. I feel a certain amount of accomplishment. This has been a goal of mine for a long time.

I was feeling a little let down, because it is over now for another year. I liked looking at that graph with the numbers going up everyday and the word count to go, going down.  I learned a lot about the writing life and writing with a full time job.

I also participated in Kristi Holl's November challenge and she is graciously doing one for December. This one will be a little less demanding because of all the holiday parties and getting ready for company. If you would like to enter this challenge then sign up at her blog.

I have met some wonderful people here and feel like I know them. We wrote when words didn't want to come, when duty and work called and still we got some writing in.

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