Tuesday, May 27, 2014

St. Augustine Lighthouse

A few weeks ago Ken and I visited the lighthouse at St. Augustine, Fl..
It was built around 1834 and completed around 1898.

It has 219 steps and eight landings. I walked them all while Ken waited for me below.

The lighthouse had a keeper until 1955 when the automatic light was adopted. Prior to this time during the WWII, the lighthouse keeper witnessed a German U-boat firing on an American ship. the ship sank. He could see the lights from the shots that were fired up close to South Carolina border.

The lighthouse is no longer ocean front. During the past 85 years a sandbar developed into what is now populated with trees.

St. Augustine will be celebrating its 450th anniversary this year!

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Patricia Weaver said...

looked like fun and muse provoking made me miss the outer banks