Sunday, June 1, 2014

WOW Women on Writing Contest

The Spring 2014 WOW contest is over but the Summer 2014 is just beginning!

I did not blog about the May Contest submission in time for anyone to take part in that. I've kind of been in a writing slump.

But I'm getting rejuvenated! I got a new critique and we are going to meet for the first time at the Florida SCBWI workshop in Orlando, this Saturday.

I did enter a story for the WOW Women on Writing contest.
I don't usually blog about contests that have an entry fee, but this one sounded so good and for an additional $10 you could get a critique of your submission.

I don't know anywhere that offers a critique for $20, but if you do, please share.

Anyway if you are interested in the Summer 2014 WOW contest here is some information:

WOW's Summer 2014 Flash Fiction Contest with guest judge Literary Agent Deborah Herman of The Jeff Herman Agency.

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Patricia Weaver said...

last day this week to work... yea... maybe my characters will start talking to me... they have been feeling neglected.