Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Florida SCBWI Workshop

Carter Hasegawa, left and Deborah Wiles led the SCBWI-Fl Middle Grade workshop June 7,2014.

I love when you go to a writers workshop and actually get to do some writing! Carter and Deborah gave us tips on researching and then when incorporated into our writing.

Thanks to Deborah, I have a long list of questions I need answers to. She makes lists of things she loves, things that make her sad and things that make her angry and then she gives them to her characters.
If you have read any of her books then you know she has some memorable characters.

Carter is an assistant editor at Candlewick Press gave some stretching exercises. He came prepared with handfuls of scenarios we picked and described a world using the items that were on list.
I don't write Sci-Fi but I did that day and surprised myself.

Deborah has come out with her second book in the '60's trilogy and I got my copy of Revolution signed.
She has written Freedom Summer, Love, Ruby Lavender ( I love how she came up that name from another list she made), Each Little Bird That Sings and Countdown.

Looking forward to putting all this knowledge to work in my WIK.

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Patricia Weaver said...

sounds like you got alot out of this conference... wish I could have shared it with you