Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Grabenstein

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I have enjoyed reading Chris Grabenstein's books first The Crossroads, in which a boy sees ghosts and has a stepmother that is NOT wicked.

Then the delightful adventure of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library. This was a scavenger hunt and filled with clues for us to solve. Did you solve the last one? I didn't.

Now in The Island of Dr. Libris, Billy's wild imagination solves problems but creates more problems.  When his friend Walter can see and hear the same things Billy can, Billy's convinced it's real.
Will his problem solving change the classic stories? Will his parents get back together? 
What about the bully, Nick Farkas saving the day? You got to be kidding me right?
It's all in there and what's more Chris gives us a list of stories he used to create another scavenger hunt and this story.
I just love scavenger hunts don't you?
But you know what the best thing is?
I'm giving this book away so you can enjoy it too. Leave a comment what your favorite children's classic story is to be entered in the drawing for this book or your favorite Chris Grabenstein book.
I don't know if I could l name just one. I love The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but loved The Three Musketeers, too!And I loved all three of the Chris Greenstein's books that I have read. Looking at the front I see there more to read!

Don't forget you may also win How to Write a Children's Book and Get it Published by Barbara Seuling.

Coming up next week will be a guest blog by Charles Suddeth.

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Courtney Rene said...

Hi Sheila! My favorite children's book was The Gingerbread Man. I dont know that it was a classic but I read it over and over again, that to this day I could probably still recite it word for word. There was something about the little cookie running amok with such glee that spoke to me.

Sheila Renfro said...

That's a good one Courtney. I haven't thought about that story in a while.

Author Chris said...

Try playing Mr. Lemoncello's first letters game with all 56 chapters!

Sheila Renfro said...

That sounds like fun Chris. Where can I find it?