Monday, November 9, 2015

Wild Irene Latham's Blogiversary

Today is Irene Latham's 10th blog anniversary. It has been 10 years since she first began her blogging adventure. She has invited me as well as a host of many other talented writers to celebrate with a blog roundup.

The wild ponies of Assateague Island
The theme? Wild! I had a lot of pictures to choose from but there were two that I couldn't do without. The first:
This pony escaped the roundup and seems to be enjoying a peaceful day alone. Who says wild can't be peaceful?

The other photo that won out was this one:

I never thought I would ride a roller coaster again, but after this one I was hooked and wanted to ride again and again.
I hollered and screamed and loved it!
Thanks for a wild ride and theme and Happy Blogiversary, Irene! I hope to read many more!


Linda Baie said...

You never know until you go for it, right? That peaceful pic of wild is a new look, but roller coasters, every one, is WILD.

Irene Latham said...

Oh, there's Rainbow Warrior! Yes, wild can be peaceful, absolutely! But rollercoasters?! Ummm, they make me feel the opposite of wild. :) So glad you like them and love that you shared in my celebration. Thank you! xo

Patricia Weaver said...

I rode that coaster too but don't remember over half... Eyes squeezed shut