Sunday, August 14, 2016

The After-Room by Maile Meloy

The After-Room by Maile Meloy is the third and last book in the Apothecary trilogy. If you haven't read these books, then you have a surprise waiting for you! These books are a mixture of science-fiction and magic. The Apothecary is a long established society of herbalists who use plants to do all sorts of things from turning yourself into a bird so you can fly to stopping a nuclear bomb.

In this third book, Benjamin is desperately trying to communicate with his dead father. Or is he really dead? Is he able to free his father from the After-Room as Benjamin calls it? His friend Janie Scott is worried about Benjamin. What if he goes to the After-room and is unable to come back?

Then on the other side of the world Jin Lo with the help of Ned Maddox, is trying to stop a madman from blowing up China.

Add to all this historical fiction! This is an unbeatable combination.

If you would like a chance to win this third book in the series, please leave a comment, tweet or enter using the Rafflecoptor.

Also, I am waiting on Alana White to claim her prize A Hitch at the Fairmont by Jim Averbeck.

See you next week when I talk about the book Writer with a Day Job by Aine Greaney.

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Nancy Kelly Allen said...

Sounds like a wonderful story.