Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Two of the New Year

It is day two of the new year and I am still contemplating my goals (resolutions). So here are some that I have come up with:
  1. Stay Focused: Do not get distracted by contests or otherwise meant well diversions to spice writing. This always backfires for me and then I have to get back with the program.
  2. Make goals that are realistic and plan for success. For instance, I have resigned my position as contact person and critique moderator so that I can focus more on my writing.
  3. Stay on track with my ICL course. I am on assignment #4 and will have it completed and sent in by the end of January.
  4. Exercise my soul, body and mind.
  5. Try new things
  6. Travel to new places. Any suggestions?
  7. Leave work on time!


StableGranny said...

can I try the new things with ya?? :) Oh yeah, I'm going to teach you how to ride, and you can teach me how to lay back while Ken sails hehehehehe
Leaving work on time sounds like a really good goal

Sarah Campbell said...

I am setting goals, too, but so far I am too chicken to put them on the blog. People might hold me to them.