Monday, January 18, 2010


Starting a non-fiction article requires much research. Where do you go to do research? Start at your local library or university library if you live close enough to one. Google of course is a good way to see what is out there and I was able to find a book that was out of print but there was a new interest in the subject I was researching and found a book written by my subject! A primary resource and it was inexpensive! Another place I found and am still exploring is museums. Did you know you can go online and tap into museum collections? if you know the town the person was born in or you are researching a place, you can find out about possible museums to visit.

So far I have found several books that have information I can use besides some primary papers that are at a university. (I am still exploring how to get my hands on these and which ones I need).
State archives are another source of information and I quickly discovered how immersed I could get in this type of research. I find one thing that leads me to another and another... You get the picture.
I learned that it would be a good idea to jot down exactly what I was looking for and try to stick to the list. Like a grocery list, if you don't write down what you need you go over the whole store. Which would be nice if you had endless time to research but sooner or later you have to start writing that article. Which is where I am now. Pulling the pieces together and writing down the bones.

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