Saturday, June 4, 2011


On Thursday I met my goal of writing 1000 words but did not get anything written yesterday.

In the chapter titled "Resistance" Schmidt states that "resistance can ruin a career before it ever gets started."
She lists 10 things that can help you overcome this.
They are:
1. Create an outline
2. Break the writing down into small, doable tasks.
3. Know the next step
4. Hold yourself accountable
5. Gather support
6. Be specific
7. Visualize the entire goal from start to finish.
8. Create a deadline
9. Celebrate your successes.
10. Make it a habit.

She includes in the book steps and formats to reach each of these goals.

I'm blogging about my experience to keep me accountable and hopefully gain some support. Yesterday was not a total loss because Thursday a surprise character showed up when one decided to leave. He reminds me of Yosemite Sam without the gun. But I think of him and a hobbit and he is really unique and instead of being invisible to others, he is visible from he's from the past so he has a lot of catching up to do. Will he have the Key Jaxon needs? I'll have to get back to writing to find out.

Keep writing and post your successes here! See you next time.

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