Monday, June 13, 2011

upcoming conference and where I am now

What stories can you think of looking at this picture. This is from the cemetery at Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, AL.

I am still working on plotting my novel and I have started back to the plotting stage.
First things first.

Come up with a one sentence synopsis of my story.

I have read this in several different books and magazine articles. This takes practice and you may want to do this every so often just to make sure you are staying true the story and not going off on a tangent. (This is what I'm guilty of doing)

I am doing better and my sentence is tighter. Barbara Seuling in her book on writing for children suggests limiting the sentence to just 25 words. That's hard! But practice, practice, practice. You'll be glad you did.

Follow his website to find out about the exciting Midsouth Writers and Illustrators conference taking place in Nashville, TN in September.

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