Sunday, August 9, 2015

August Book Giveaway Announced

I'm guessing you are anxiously waiting to see what books I am giving away in August.
Well you are in for a treat!

Stephen King's "On Writing" and Obert Skye "Witherwood" are the books for August.
I've read Stephen King's "On Writing" last year and was amazed this brilliant writer has the same problems I have staring at the blank page. His first novel was not snapped up! He writes with one reader in mind, his wife. He says he trusts her judgment if she says something needs fixed.

Witherwood Reform School by Obert Skye, illustrations by Keith Thompson. Pages 231
Copyright 2015, published by Christy Octavia Books a Henry Hot and company, LLC imprint.
Tobias and Charlotte Eggers may be a little more mischievous than most kids, but when they cross the line, their father loses it. He does what his father did to him, after all it worked for his father. He takes them to the top of the mesa and drops them off outside the creepiest, scariest building around. His plan was to let them think about what they did, while he drove down the hill. Then he would turn around, pick them up, and they would behave like good little children.
The only problem is he has an accident, and is unable to pick them up.
Tobias and Charlotte must fend for themselves.
The building turns out to be a school where kids are brainwashed. Wild animals surround the grounds, and these animals are strange animals, not like what we are familiar with.
Tobias and Charlotte are put to work, but at night they search the grounds, looking for a way out.
I can't wait to read the next book. I'm not going to tell you how the first one ends because it would spoil it for you.

Remember to leave a comment to be eligible to win the books. You must a USA address to win.
Check back to see if you have won.
Chris Bailey has won Janice Hardy book on Planning Your Novel. Please email me the address you would like your book sent to.

See you next week!


Beckie Peterson said...

I think that both of these books would be an awesome read! Great choices!

sherry alexander said...

Wow! Two more books to add to my reading list.

Toni Carlucci said...

I love your words at the top - Read, Write, Revise and then go Sailing! Very inspiring. Being a new writer, I'm continually drawn to books that will help in the writing process and I adore children's books, both their words and the illustrations.

Shannon said...

Witherwood sounds like a great read! I would love an opportunity to win it! On Writing is a great book to. I have a marked up copy on my shelf.


Susie Sawyer said...

Ooh, On Writing is at the top of my wish list!! Great choices! :D