Sunday, August 16, 2015

What a Summer!

2015-08-15 10.49.33.jpg
Pat, me, and Pam in front of Gypsy Vanner horse
Hogwarts at Universal Theme Park
Hulk Roller Coaster
2015-08-15 10.06.24.jpg
Gypsy Vanner Horse

This summer was full of travel for me and some friends. First, Pat Weaver, Irene Latham and I went to Richmond, Va, Williamsburg, Va and Chincoteague, VA. Then in another couple of weeks Pat's daughter invited us to share their suite in Orlando and we did two days of Universal and Island of Adventure. Boy was I tired! But what awesome rides. The simulated rides were the best. It felt good to play like a kid again While Pat was visiting me, she discovered the Gypsy Gold Farm These horses are a fairly new breed and they are beautiful You may think they are Clydesdale, but they are not as tall.  I also got a free course on couponing. Not quite extreme. I got an awesome idea for a story or maybe a novel. The seed has been planted and is germinating as we speak
What have you been doing this summer? Writing? Researching? Brainstorming? Leave a comment for a chance to win one of two books: Witherwood by Obert Skye or On Writing by Stephen King. Must reside in USA


SuseADoodle said...
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SuseADoodle said...

i deleted the first comment because i realized i should further explain my initial paragraph here -- so i copied it before deleting and pasted it and will now "clarify" ... (and maybe i better proofread and correct typos, eh?]

Sheila -- sounds like you have had a lot of fun so far this summer. I can't imagine being in Florida at all in the summer LOL! But I know what you mean about playing like a kid again. I think some of my favorite characters in novels are the ones who remain kids at heart but in real life ... I don't know ... I've been thinking about it ... my upbringing was far too conservative for me to actually feel very comfortable around people who are actually like the characters I like most ... maybe that is why I enjoy the characters so much, I don't know.
clarification: for instance -- like, Evelyn in Garrison Keillor's PONTOON; or the whole crowd of characters at Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (that I like so much for their caring for one another but know i could never spend much time around people who smoke and drink what and as much as they do), probably not even Miss Marple, Poirot or Ariadne Oliver nor the pubbers in the Richard Jury novels who seem to be a lot of fun but ...

Anyhow, your question to answer here in the comments is "what are you doing this summer?" and I really can't say that I am doing anything much differently than I do the rest of the year -- I listen to books a lot and write a little LOL! I fall asleep thinking about the characters I've created and then try to find situations interesting enough to drop them into to make a story someone else would be interested in reading. I'm finding that the situations, so far, might be "memoir" interesting but "novel" interesting? Nope ... **Sigh** One of the problems of having a set of [great] characters and a [wonderful] setting and not really knowing what to do with them or it **sigh, again**
well, now i'm off to find something in my audiobook library just long enough to get me to Chat time so I don't miss it ... :-D

Sheila Renfro said...

Sara Pennypacker says she is often accused of sleeping when she is really meditating about her characters. I thought this was interesting, perhaps I don't meditate enough!

Patricia Weaver said...

working hard the first part but playing the last 6 weeks... sigh it's back to work now