Sunday, April 24, 2016

Creating Poetry by John Drury

I don't claim to be a poet. I'm a closet poet. In other words I have a journal that I write poems down in, but they are not for the public eye. Not because they are obscene or anything like that, but because for me it is exposing my soul. Saying that, I would like to learn to write some fun poems that aren't so serious. Which is why I love to join other poets (yes they let me) in the Progressive Poem that Irene Latham hosts each year. She's one of my favorite poets and she is letting me give two of her books away on my blog. (Don't forget to register to win).

So getting back to why I chose Creating Poetry by John Drury.
First, I like the musical cadence of reading poems out loud. You find then in nursery rhymes, in picture books, in magazines, pretty much ever where. He goes over every pattern, form, style, you name it.

Second, not only does John Drury tell you about the different forms, but also has suggestions of where to submit your poetry. How cool is that!

Third, I love the way he has broken down the sections for quick references: Preparing, Language, Sight, Sound, Movement, Shaping, Patterns and Traditions, Voice, Sources of Inspiration, Things to Write About, Other Art Forms and Finishing. There is also an Appendix which includes: Submitting Poems- Another Exercise, Index and an Index to Exercises.

So after reading this book I would have to say what my writing teacher Dr. Hardy always said, "Even if you don't write poetry, writing and studying it can help improve your writing."

John Drury gives several examples of this and I like what he says about his book, "If you feel intimidated by a topic-, you could skip over it, but you might do better to tackle it head-on."

So if you're like me and would like to "tackle" writing poetry "head-on". Leave a comment or enter through the rafflecoptor.
Must reside in the USA.

See you next week when I announce the lucky winners!


Linda Carpenter said...

Thanks for the good post Sheila. I am definitely getting his book. Looks like a wealth of information!

Sherri Jones Rivers said...

I love poetry and still have the red Childcraft book of children's verse from my growing up days. I write some poetry, but am always looking to improve. Like your suggestions.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Hi, Sheila--

Just letting you know that my line of the Prog Poem is up! Looking forward to your contribution!