Sunday, April 10, 2016

When the Sun Shines on Antarctica written Irene Latham & illustrated by Anna Wadham

This month I'm giving away two picture books by Irene Latham. The Sun Shines on Antarctica is the first one.

This is a unique picture book because it is both fiction and nonfiction. Antarctica is a real place, one of the seven continents. I always think of Antarctica as a cold barren, lifeless place. But was I in for a surprise!

One of my favorite poems is Beware the Brinkle

Like a frozen
lightening rod

or a jagged
magic wand,

it daggers


to cast
an icy spell

on the sea
all it touches.

What is a brinkle? It's part brine and part icicle. It forms when the ice melts and drops into the cold water. Like an icicle falling from the eaves of house, brinkle sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor. When it hits the bottom, it traps whatever life-forms there are in ice.
How cool is that?

Anna Wadham  illustrations capture the playfulness of the animals as they frolic in the summer light.

Leave a comment or enter through the rafflecoptor for a chance to win this book.

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Charles Waters said...

National Poetry Month in chock full of poetry love and sharing. Thanks for the blog post. Can't wait to read both of Irene's books.