Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cry of the Sea by D.G. Driver

Cry of the Sea by D.G. Driver is a story about a girl,
Juniper Sawfeather ( love that name), who didn't want to be like her environmentally fanatic parents. She did care about the environment, but didn't want to be in the publicity that followed her parents. Instead she chose to go to a college far enough away that she wouldn't be bothered with the news magnetic parents she had.
She did care about the environment, though, so when there's an oil spill she goes to help her father save what marine animals she can.

But what they find there no one would believe! She didn't  believe it could be possible- Mermaids! Three of them, almost dead by the oil covering the water and their skin. Two of them died, but she was able to save the third one. The mermaids were not like story book mermaids, These looked more mutants fish with human like heads.

At the beach she meets Carter, who helps her and her father get the fish and other animals to safety. While she is trying to move the mermaid, her father is videoing the rescue to use as ammunition against the Affron company responsible for the oil spill.

"June" wants to help her friend Haley in her quest to be popular, but when June doesn't show up to help with a presentation, Haley will not speak to her.

In desperation, June emails the video of the mermaids to Haley to explain. The video goes viral, but the mermaids have been stolen!

June, Carter, Haley and popular group gets together to find and rescue the mermaids.

I truly loved the this story. It was realistic in that you feel that "it could happen".
D.G. Driver has a sequel out Whisper in the Woods. I can't wait to find out Juniper finds in the woods!

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